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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Arthur Tiongson36/Male/Philippines Groups :iconarturetta-fc: Arturetta-FC
The Shoeshine Apprentice
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Deviant for 11 Years
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Given by MCMXC2
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Profile Portraits
Deviations drawn from sketch, scanned and rendered with advanced techniques.
Chibi OC's - Single
They are OC's (original characters) of friends and watchers drawn in cute chibi versions. 'Single' can be just one OC.
Chibi Duo
Chibi OC's, anime and random together.
Shoeshine Themed art
Shoeshine themed deviations of peoples' OC's having their footwear polished. (Female OC's only)
GIANTESS Themed deviations (class A-2, B and C)
(Class A-2) Gentle Giantesses giving people 'ankle' rides.
(Class B) Gentle Giantesses breaking stuff in their path.
(Class C) Gentle giantesses in POV as they show the soles of their footwear.
GIANTESS Themed Deviations (Class D)
Omni giantesses. They are as big as planets.
GIANTESS Shoeshine themed art (Type C)
6 - 12 story tall giantess seated on the ground having their footwear shined in an alternate POV view.
GIANTESS Shoeshine themed art (Type D)
Gigantic giantesses getting their footwear polished in a 4-panel deviation.
- toe revealing footwear cannot be granted in this commission.
Pedal Pumping Themed art (Class B)
Female OC's and anime characters seated in front of the steering wheel.
Pedal Pumping Themed art (Class C)
A two page combined deviation featuring the female driver, the vehicle and a close-up of the foot at the pedals.

Newest Deviations



Arturetta Armstrong portrait by ArthurT2015Eris Morgan portrait by ArthurT2015Loli Mask Portrait by ArthurT2015

Chibi Arturetta by ArthurT2015Chibi Regina Saionji by ArthurT2015Chibi Trisha Carter by ArthurT2015

A Good Shine for Eris Morgan by ArthurT2015A Shine for Trisha Carter by ArthurT2015A Shine for Regina Saionji by ArthurT2015


Class B giantesses
Queen Maddie's Obstacles by ArthurT2015Home Wrecker by ArthurT2015Demolisher LORI by ArthurT2015
Class C giantesses
Sailor Moon and Mini Moon POV by ArthurT2015Fate Testarossa POV by ArthurT2015Kerry Adarvez POV by ArthurT2015
Class D giantesses
Giantess Oerba Dia Vanille by ArthurT2015Chie and Rise by ArthurT2015Giantess Hillo by ArthurT2015

GIANTESS Shoeshines

Type C GS shoeshine
Eris Morgan alt POV shoeshine by ArthurT2015Kerry Adarvez alt POV Shoeshine by ArthurT2015
Type D GS shoeshine
Gigantic Shine for Kyra Akina by ArthurT2015Gigantic Shine for Kerry Adarvez by ArthurT2015Gigantic Shine for Isabelle Tredwell by ArthurT2015Gigantic Shine for Jessica Rose by ArthurT2015


Class B pedal pumping art
Dorothy Wayneright at the Wheel by ArthurT2015Katsumi Haruno at the Wheel by ArthurT2015Rei Hino at the Wheel by ArthurT2015
Class C pedal pumping art
Sailor Mars' Sports Car remake by ArthurT2015Minako Aino's Sports Car by ArthurT2015Sailor Moon's Sports Car by ArthurT2015Sailor Saturn's sports car by ArthurT2015

more to be added upon update.

Journals and Literature on MEDIUM

Look at my STAMPS!

These are stamps I collected all over

ArtWORK Stamp by BlayzesThanks for the faves by emmilYou love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirate
I love comments by SedmaThank you for the favs Stamp by violetsteelI Dont Drink by Tyleen
NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolzI Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-FlyerStamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl

Sailor Moon STAMPS
Sailor Moon DiC DUB fan stamp by Mikey186Sailor Moon Stamp by timevortex101sailor moon stamp - english by sammywhatammy
Sailor Moon stamps
Sailor Moon stamp by Strange-little-catI love Sailor Moon stamp by princessfromtheskySailor Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako
Sailor Moon by ElStamporooniosSM Stamp - Usagi Tsukino 005 by hanakt
Sailor Mini Moon stamps
I love sailor mini moon stamp by princessfromtheskySailor Chibi Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Chibi Moon by ElStamporoonios
Chibi Moon and Saturn by ElStamporooniosSM Stamp - Chibi Usa 003 by hanakt
Sailor Venus stamps
Sailor Venus stamp by Strange-little-catI love Sailor Venus stamp by princessfromtheskySailor Venus Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako
Sailor Venus Stamp 1 by aoi-ryusailor v stamp by shannonmari3Sailor Venus by ElStamporoonios
SM Stamp - Minako Aino 003 by hanaktSM Stamp - S. Venus 001 by hanaktStamp: Venus x Mars 2 by AJAngelique
Sailor Mars stamps
Sailor Mars stamp by Strange-little-catI love sailor mars stamp by princessfromtheskySailor Mars Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako
Sailor Mars Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuSailor Mars by ElStamporooniosSM Stamp - Rei Hino 005 by hanakt
Sailor Mercury stamps
Sailor Mercury stamp by Strange-little-catI love sailor mercury stamp by princessfromtheskySailor Mercury Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako
Sailor Mercury Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuSailor Mercury by ElStamporooniosSM Stamp - Ami Mizuno 002 by hanakt
Sailor Jupiter stamps
Sailor jupiter stamp by Strange-little-catI love sailor jupiter stamp by princessfromtheskySailor Jupiter Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako
Sailor Jupiter Stamp 1 by aoi-ryuSailor Jupiter by ElStamporooniosSM Stamp - Makoto Kino 003 by hanakt
Sailor Saturn stamps
Sailor Saturn stamp by Strange-little-catSailor Saturn Stamp by Dinosaur-RyuzakoSailor Saturn Stamp 1 by aoi-ryu
SM Stamp - S. Saturn 001 by hanaktSailor Saturn by ElStamporoonios
Dead Master stamps
Dead Master Stamp by Rothstein-KaiserDM. by cheshirecatbus:BRS: Dead Master :Stamp: by Death-CannonDead Master stamp by NekoLiliah
Black Rock Shooter stamps
BRS logo 2 Stamp by Rothstein-KaiserBRS. by cheshirecatbusBRS :heart: by Rikiku321Black Rock Shooter stamp + plz by InsaneMelodii
Black Gold Saw stamps
Black Gold Saw Stamp by Rothstein-KaiserBGS. by cheshirecatbus
Strength stamps
Strength Stamp by Rothstein-KaiserSTR. by cheshirecatbusStrength - BRS Stamp by Demire
Azumanga Daioh stamps
Think Different stamp by EduNiKi:thumb68235630:Tomo Stamp by SoloPoloVisionChiyo-Chan Stamp by NateFoxkaorin X sakaki stamp by MangarenoDaiohSakaki by artboy70azumanga daioh   AN Stamp by xnekomatax
TRIGUN stamps
Trigun Stamp by Kris-AJVash The Stampede by Rute-BeerVash Stamp 4 by Kivs-ChanVash's Glasses Stamp by KnaarenKuroneko Stamp by Kris-AJ
K-On! stamps
K-ON Stamp by Jay-Hansurprise K-on by pandalovesmilkStamp: K-ON!! by xEjixYui Hirasawa Stamp by MayMugiLee
Blood+ stamps
Blood+ stamp Saya2 by ArthurT2015Blood+ stamp Saya5 by ArthurT2015Blood+ stamp Kai 2 by ArthurT2015
Blood+ : Saya Stamp by Harumi-ChanBlood+ stamp by MorbiaBlood+ stamp Saya4 by ArthurT2015
Saya stamp1 by ArthurT2015Saya stamp 2 by ArthurT2015Diva stamp animated by ArthurT2015
Code Geass stamps
Code Geass Stamp by ClaireySmileyCode Geass English Dub Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoidCode Geass - Lloyd Stamp by FireBomb9
Geass Stamp by AdryJustendLelouch Stamp by KyuBelLelouch stamp by Superpluplush
Zero's Mask by May-BrushCode Geass :: Stamp by o0-Azrael-0oCC Stamp - Code Geass by o0-Azrael-0o
Lulu x CC by megami195Euphemia Stamp by EveElle
Honey & Clover Stamps
Honey and Clover STAMP by NoiryHoney and Clover girls by ArthurT2015Honey and Clover stamp Yamada by ArthurT2015
Honey and Clover stamp Yamada2 by ArthurT2015Honey and Clover stamp Hagu by ArthurT2015Shuji Hanamoto stamp1 by ArthurT2015
Shuji Hanamoto stamp2 by ArthurT2015Honey and Clover - Hagumi by FetnuAsDuckAyumi by FetnuAsDuck
Takemoto Yuuta by FetnuAsDuckShinobu Morita by FetnuAsDuckShuu-chan by FetnuAsDuck
Chobits Stamps
Chobits Stamp by Mintaka-TKI support Chi Stamp -chobits- by kinimoto7Chobits Stamp .:Animated:. by Kn0p3XX
Chobits Stamp 2 .:A:. by Kn0p3XXSumomo Stamp by AleXielBrandoStamp Chobits by Dirty-Dreams





Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
<a… target=new>Acrostic Name Poem by

My Update for February

Mon Feb 6, 2017, 10:38 AM
Well the month of February is already here. Time kinda flies pretty fast and I have many deviations this month to focus on. Here are a few things.

Delayed Artworks - since my schedule is getting far too hectic like unexpected visitations of my sisters obsessed with their infant nephew or times I am being dragged to eat lunch in the mini mall I keep getting far behind my work. So the only thing I can do is complete drawing or inking what I draw and continue in the following day to render and color them.

Almost too Tired of RP - I would like to notify most of those who I usually meet when I come on Skype or FB Messenger. I know it means so much to you to spend time we. Please understand that I can't be here every weekends (saturday or sunday afternoons my time). I can only return at night. Mondays to Fridays I am online afternoon and minimizing sessions at night cuz I render and color my art. When I say I'm tired it's not an excuse to not RP at all. I enjoy a lot of RP to keep me motivated but there are times I wanna take a break.

to my bro Mikey186 I know I promised you many times that I am always in touch through phone messenger app. Trust me, I have ways to make it up to you for my absence. But I'm always on and I myself will come to you to keep you happy.

to Major-Link I'm aware you always await me in Skype everyday but sometimes when we do a lot of stuff... let me work. I've decided to render my line arts in the afternoon now so I can at least finish something. Try to understand me, dude.

to kjl03 I'm also there for my beloved Angelena only at night when I come on. Hopefully with your 1 hour time limit we can always continue where we left off.

to my kitty MiniRuri I thank you well enough for being so understanding. After all this is the advise you gave me if I wanna rest from RP I post something in status. Only when I'm done with color rendering I can be there to squeeze you until I go to sleep.

As I have already told myself not to rush so much art I might push myself and get into more stress as I still have so much in my hands such as another literature and more Cafe de Francia related projects. Let's not forget the birthday of my dearest OC daughter Minami.

After Valentines day I will get back to more pending art.


MOTIVATION energy - 200% 

My overall outcome from the year 2011 when I started granting or taking requests... out of 419 I have granted, 324 were completed and 38 were cancelled (due to offense, difficulty, deactivation of deviant's account) while 57 are pending.

:iconarthurt2015: - Patience is a Virtue


Special 'Request Categories' - 

 - It has been CLOSED. No more extension.
Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke FO Requests by Enjoumou
- for deviants I am mostly grateful to.
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Ask Trades by Enjoumou
- I'll grant an artwork if you grant me an artwork in return.

- I'll grant artworks paid with dA points

Pending Deviation Requests 

Pending Requests Limit Reached! 
Will now grant up to 25 slots only... when a request is completed a slot in the line will be clear for a new one.

2013 Request Line. 
- Deviants In Black - VoltronZ1
- Arnold and the Sailor Scouts - britishman1940 - VD
- Zoe gets to Drive - for Kitsu-Senpai - AD
- Uni-faun Elora - for nyro1 - AD
- Sailor Moon and Sarge - for Smoke130 - AD
- Letty at the Wheel - for Kuriciclista - N
- Picking Up Carlo - for Autobot14 - AD


2014 Request Line. - 20 slots only.
- Link and Lucy - for LinkHelios234 - N
- Strolling with Gardenia - for HEREC0MEDATB0I - N
- A Good Shine for Jenny - for Prince-Jamie-The-7th - N
- Minako Aino at the Wheel - for Mikey186 VD
- Nancy Archer giantess - for AntonioRenteria - N 
- Gigantic Shine for Angol Mois - for Smoke130 - N
- Princess Tutu in Peril 2 - for BenStiller14 - N
- A Shine for Whatsername - for ChiefJudge - VD
- Michiru and Grimmjow - for FirePhoenixCreations - VD
- Under their Mercy - for chaosinuyasha - AD
- Lisa and Yuna - for powerkidzforever - N


2015 Request Line.
- Getting Hitched - for FirstKing37 - VD
- New Kyle concept art - for KyleC98 - AD

2016 Request Line.
- Giantess Claire 'Lightning' Farron - for Giant-Lightning - N
- Hanging Out with Mini Moon - for KingShisa08 - N
- Jacqueline concept art 2 - for Supremechaos918 - S
- Jenny and Kaiju Fighter V - for Devon13168 - N


Paid Commissions pending
- Giantess Fate and Nanoha POV - for power1515 - N
- Gigantic Shine for Sailor Jupiter - for Lassic - N
- Giantess Tsunade POV - for Lassic - N
- A Good Shine for Amira - for flippedoutkyrii - VD (paypal)
- Diane alt POV Shoeshine - for JeremyX2000 - N
- A Shine for Amelia Maus - for hippo2 - N
- Giantess Joan Arc - for ZetaHawke - N
- A Shine for Contessa - MasterSaruwatari - N
- A Shine for Alex - Michaeldragon - N
- Velnias profile portrait - NickyVendetta - AD
- Gigantic Shine for Zoe Angelus - for Prince-Jamie-The-7th - N
- A Good Shine for Richelle - Pyrites1 - N
- Perry Paranormal POV - Mathew-Swift-VA - N
- Kaho Mizuki alt POV Shine - Neo-Byzantium - N
- On Violet's Ankle - Nightcore100 - N
- Elizabeth Johnson's Sports Car - shnoogums5060 - AD
- A Shine for Kristin - Chrissykae - N
- Aiko Engelbert's Sports Car - xSakuyaChan510x - AD
- On Atago's Ankle - SabitaFukku - N
- Chibi Ryan 2 - Bad-Bentley - S
- Gigantic Shine for Dark Angelena - kjl03 - N
- Gigantic Shine for Angry - AngryGiantess - N
- Chibi Appolina & Luisa - kjl03 - E


Art Trades: 

- Black Lady Doll! - for StarWarriorRobby - N
- Usagi at the Wheel - for iloveheels77 - AD
- Asuna and Kirito - for Sincity2100 - AD
- Giantess Siti - for Sitinuramjah - N
- Florence Simmons in Peril - for StarWarriorRobby - AD
- Kick Buttowski and Kendall Perkins - for TXToonGuy1037 - N
- Emo kid and Isabelle Magnuson - for kbinitiald - N
- Mimete Shoe Tease - for diego-toon-master - N
- Rosalina's Hero - for :devFelixNox: - AD
- A Good Shine for Chi - for Wonder-Delta - N
- Shine for Melody Adams - for DanyYoungGTS - N
- Arturetta drives her Ford Fiesta again 2 - for Major-Link - AD

Selfie Requests: 10 slots

- Dimitry, Rosalina & Apollo - for TheSolWing
- Dr. Clytemnestra Midas - for JohnnyFive81
- Robby, Rush & Stardust - for StarWarriorRobby
- Kerry, Katy & Queen Maddie - for TheGrey61xx-GTS
- The Caines family - for pheeph
- Aden & Yuna - for AdentheCaringOne
- Michelle, Jody & Ministry Taker - for Bluediamondpikachu83
- Mimete, Eudial & Dr. Tomoe - for diego-toon-master

The Giantess/shoeshine deviation request roster.
- Shine for Natsumi Hinata - for Smoke130
- Shine for Cardelia Centari - for mariojuggernaut23
- Shine for Delphine Lightwind - for Magnetin
- Shine for Elora - for nyro1

My Upcoming Deviations:
- Adarvez Stroll Series 15 (teen Kerry)
- Vanessa Rhodes alt POV shoeshine
- Kaiju Fighter V alt POV shoeshine
- Shine for Princess Rind
New Ladies on the Block
- Aiko Engelbert work outfit
- Melanie Trunsdale nurse outfit
- Stephanie Rogers concept
GS:260 ACT 5
The Good the Bad & the Dark One
page 31 / page 32
Manga Requests:
For TheGrey61xx-GTS
Kerry's Royal Shoes
page 23 - 46%% / page 24 - 46%
Jennifer's Slingbacks - coming soon
For StarWarriorRobby
Robby to the Rescue - coming soon
For RedFalcon23
Saving Ms Carter
more pages coming
Deviations ON HOLD! 
any requested artwork that I find rather difficult & complicated remains here until I decide to work on them.
Giant Maidens - for Magnetin
Oerba Yun Fang -
Aqua -
Delphine Lightwind -
Angela Lee
- Casshern & Cure Moonlight - for mauricebarkley (on hold)

Diamond Shoe Polish 
page 3 / page 4 / page 5 / page 6 / page 7 / page 8
Deviation status meanings:
35% - pencil completed
46% - ink completed and scanned
55% - clean-up completed
65% - color completed
100% - deviation completed

Badges Earned
:iconepicbadge1plz::iconepicbadge2plz: from: PrincessKooh
Daily... by prosaix


My dA Chatrooms -……

NOTICE: if there is ever a possibility you will update your Art Trades and requests please be mindful I will only allow updates only twice.

My Otaku Quiz results:

What Element Fits You Best?
Which Black Rock Shooter Girl Are You?
What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Code Geass Character Are You?

Discovering Your YuYu Power!
What Style Fits You?

What Ouran High School Host Club Host Are You?

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Well... seems my appointment with my doctor has been rescheduled next week I still need to rest from my RP sessions during weekends.
Finest Five meme January 2
My Finest five for the month of January 2017

- Aiko Engelbert concept art 2
- Chibi Arturetta Birthday
- Let's Play Wii
- Hiding from Mimete
- Rini and Hotaru's Joyride 2
A Shine for May Adarvez
Shoeshine themed deviation completed for: :iconthegrey61xx-gts:

Shoeshine art featuring his OC; May Adarvez the daughter of baroness Dianna Adarvez. It's a good thing I checked the birth dates. Either she is on the 20th or 23rd... I dunno.


May Adarvez (c) TheGrey61xx-GTS
Gigantic Shine for Hitoshi Mitsuki
Giantess shoeshine themed deviation completed for: :iconmajor-link:

This is a 'Type D' giantess shoeshine deviation featuring the Love princess Hitoshi Mitsuki. She celebrated her birthday last week at Valentines day. Since it is her appreciation month this gift for her is still a good one... and my last gift for the Princess Fighters now all of them got good ones at each birthday last year.

Hitoshi Mitsuki (c) Major-Link
Arturetta Armstrong (c) Me

:iconarthurt2015: - now that all the Princess Fighters got their gigantic shines this is the least I can do for them.


Arthur Tiongson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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Current Residence: Somewhere in the suberbs of Quezon City, Philippines.
Favourite genre of music: filipino, boyband, pop, 80's music, OPM, vocaloid and anime OST
Operating System: Windows VISTA
MP3 player of choice: My iPod NANO
Wallpaper of choice: Black Rock Shooter wallpapers
Personal Quote: "Patience is a Virtue."


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For additional info of my requests, please see my Journal.

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ArthurT2015 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Think you can note this info to me instead? I'll see if I can add this since I don't accept new requests just yet.
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