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It is indeed a wonderful sunny day in town as everyone in the Tiongson residence prepares to go out on Mother’s Day. Mina has chosen once again chose to wear her pretty red outfit that go with her pink skirt as Negami has prepared her niece Minami into her stroller with all the things needed such as diapers, milk formulae and food. As usual Arthur brought some of his shoe polishing tools in case they are needed. At the driveway, Eris’s sky blue Trans Am ‘Firebird’ is parked as Andre, Eris Morgan and their apprentices Arisha Tsubaki and Hanasaki Akiko arrive to pay the family a visit.

Negami: Welcome, Sir Andre and Ms Morgan! Hana & Arisha!
Andre: Good to see you, Neg!
Eris: Hey Neg!
Andre: We’re here to check Arthur out. He told me a lot of mothers and their families are coming together in one place.
Hanasaki: It’s unbelievable after all these years. Our mother will be there to meet us. And our masters shall drive us there.
Arisha: Ditto!
Naoki: Fancy meeting you guys here. I’m tagging along on this occasion.

Mina arrived in the living room with Minami in her arms.

Mina: Everybody is all here.
Eris & Andre: Hey Mina! Happy Mother’s Day!
Mina: (laughing) Thank you very much!
Minami: ma mahhh.
Negami: Ahhh she said her mommy’s name!

Everybody smile and coo at Mina jr after they heard her talk.

Andre: Speaking of which… where’s Arthur?
Mina: Well… he is at the room.

Inside a room where he sat looking at an album with a sad face. Without his usual black hat and shades Arthur looks into some old pictures of him as a 3 year old boy. Others were pictures taken in a group picture with his family and siblings when they were teenagers. Moments later he lit a two small candles and placing a flower upon his mother’s framed picture after he kissed it.

Arthur: Happy Mother’s Day… mama.

Mina came in to the room  as Arthur was a bit in an emotional state and sat with her husband as he is looking at the pics of his childhood album.

Mina: Honey… are you alright?
Arthur: Even after all the years I used to hate her for the awful things I went through. The punishments, the yelling, beating and all the misery. I still love her… and miss her.
Mina: (Sits with him) Hey… don’t feel bad about your mom. Even if she is up there with your grandparents she is always in your heart.

Arthur: (shows her a picture of him with his mom) You see this. During those times after I recovered from surgery they took me to Disneyland. She and I rode on Dumbo the flying elephant. It was the only ride of me and my mom together.
Mina: You look so cute with that blue cap.
Arthur: Here are some of those times in kindergarten, elementary and high school. She is there standing with me.
Mina: I’m pretty sure your mother’s spirit is up there watching over you and your siblings.

He closes the album and places it on the small table. And turns to Mina and hugged her.

Arthur: I am glad you are right here to cheer me up. Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart.
Mina: Come along. The others are waiting.

Twenty minutes later after driving to the park Arthur and company along with everyone have gathered. He sees that many people are with their families to celebrate Mother’s Day. As they walked Mina saw her best friend Serena’s family with Mama Ikuko in a nice dress.

Mina: They sure are having a good time. I went over to greet them.
Eris: I noticed that little Rini is also there to celebrate it with her mom.

As they arrive near the clearing a pretty blonde girl in a dress arrives in order to celebrate the day with her new children. Hanasaki and Arisha both walk to Angelena and kissed her.

Arisha & Hanasaki: Happy Mother’s Day, mom!
Angelena: I am so glad I am wearing this beautiful dress you have for me. I feel so amazing in it.
Eris: Angelena you look ravishing.
Andre: Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Angelena: Thank you my brother and sister. (Bows to her siblings)

Another group arrives in the meeting place as she received it in text. It is Arturetta Armstrong wearing her queen gown as she is with her daughters; the Akina sisters. Walking alongside is Maj. Link

Arturetta: sensei. Looks like you also made it with your family.
Arthur: Happy Mother’s day.
Arturetta: (curtsies) Thank you very much.
Saya: this is indeed a fabulous day. Never before we have celebrated Mother’s day for many years when we lost our mother. We are now celebrating again with our new mom.
Kyra: This is absolutely a good time for all mothers to gather in one place.
Maj. Link: I helped out the sisters pick a good present for their mom.

Nearby standing on the grass is a nice woman with light green hair same as Hanasaki. It is Kumiko Shirafuji with her son Eli.

Arturetta: Oh look it’s her.
Arthur: I know the nice woman. Let’s greet her, Artie.

Kumiko: Oh hello.
Arturetta: Happy Mother’s day to you Ms Shirafuji. I believe we have met.
Kumiko: Have we?
Arturetta: It’s me Arturetta from Bound Fantasies.
Kumiko: Arturetta?! I almost didn’t recognize you with that… dress.
Arthur: Long time no see, miss Kumiko.
Kumiko: Oh, sir Arthur it’s been a while… (blushing) since that bondage session.
Eli: No way… you did something to my mom?
Arthur: Settle down kid. It’s a long story.
Eli: Hey! You’re the man who loves to shine shoes. Can you teach me?

As Arthur and the others talk. Angelena notices a child clad in red walking next to her family and relatives approaching.

Angelena: Naomi! It’s you!
Naomi: Angelena!
Angelena: (Embracing her) Look at you. You seem happy to see me.
Naomi: Angelena, my friend. Meet my mom and dad.
Angelena: Good day to you all.
Meg: Naomi is she the friend you want us to meet?
Celeste: She looks very nice.
Angelena: My name is Angelena. It is an honor to meet Naomi’s family and relatives.
Sam: She is quite a friendly lady with wings.
Jonathan: I agree.

Meanwhile Arthur has given Eli some notes on basic shoe shining. He also noticed that walking a familiar blonde woman is walking with her daughter. It is Mina Caines with her daughter Miriam.

Arturetta: Oh look. They appear to be costumers of ours a long time ago. I recognized her hair.
Arthur: Me too. You shined her daughter’s shoes.

As Eris and Andre were also nearby with the princesses they noticed a group of royal people approaching.
Eris: Correct me if I’m wrong bro is that Kerry and Katy.
Andre: There’s no mistaking that purple and blue dress. And look who is walking with them.
Eris: Queen Maddie and her grace; Baroness Dianna.

Arturetta rejoins the group as they also went Eris to meet two royal mothers. Arthur also noticed another group. Twin blonde women whose shoes he polished in early years. He went over to greet them as their children are walking with them.

Arthur: It’s been a while Prince Jamie.
Jamie: Good sir! I haven’t seen much of you for many months. How do you do, guvnor?
Arthur: I am fine lad. How is your cute cousin Zoe?
Zoe: (Appearing a bit shy) Oh, hello… sir. I’m fine.
Samuel: Hello, guvnor… ahem. (smiles a little)

Arthur goes over to kiss their hands. Both Samuel and Zoe smile.

Sandra: Long time no see, Sir Arthur.
Elle: Likewise, Sir Arthur. We haven’t heard much about you.
Arthur: I humbly greet you Happy Mother’s day your highness and majesty.
Sandra & Elle: (Curtsies) Thank you, sir Arthur.

Arturetta: It’s been a while, madam. Happy Mother’s Day.
Dianna: Thank you, Ms Armstrong. I must say your dress is absolutely ravishing.
Arturetta: Thank you.
May: Which reminds me. Where is Sir Arthur? Can he still shine shoes today?
Eris: Not pretty sure, May. He can give you a simple retouch with your pumps if you like.
Maddie: I would like a retouch with my high heels as well. He is a kind man.

Arthur: Did someone mention me by any chance?
May: Sir Arthur hello!
Arthur: Hello to you too, May. (Addresses Queen Maddie and Baroness Dianna) Happy Mothers Day to both of you. (Bows to them)
Kerry: He is surely always the kind gentle man devoted to all of us.
Maddie: no need for formalities Arthur. I would like a simple retouch with my shoes. You may kiss them while you’re at it.
Kerry: [M…mother?!]
Katy: [Mom?]
Arthur: my service to the royal Adarvez family is never ending.
May: I would like mine retouched and kissed too.

Arthur proceeds with the kissing of the shoes of the queen with ease and retouched the white high heels. Same went for May as she requested. Kerry and Katy smiled together with relief to see he did not blush or panic and also wanted their shoes retouched and kissed. Somewhere Eli tries shining his mother’s shoes as a way of loving her.

The beautiful day for all mothers went on all around the park as everyone celebrates it together. With love and great joy. With families all together in one big happy place and with their husbands and children.

Happy Mothers Day to all original characters that are mothers as well.

This story is a tribute to my late mother…

Francia B. Tiongson.
My 'Mothers Day' literature story featuring a lot of mothers from my friends.

Arturetta Armstrong, Naomi, Sam, Meg, Jonathan, Celeste Reynolds & Minami(c) me
Kyra & Saya Akina, Hanasaki Akiko, Arisha Tsubaki, Negami Toshiba & Maj. Link (c) Major-Link
Eris Morgan, Kerry, Katy, Maddie, May and Dianna Adarvez (c) TheGrey61xx-GTS
Kumiko Shirafuji (c) RedFalcon23
Eli Shirafuji (c) ninjakingofhearts
Elle & Zoe Angelus / Sandra, Samuel & Prince Jamie (c) Prince-Jamie-The-7th
Angelena (c) kjl03
Minako Aino (c) Naoko Takeuchi
Andre (c) Saiyaman200X
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